I have become TPI Certified! I spent a 2 day course at the Belfry with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and other professionals in the golf, fitness and physio fields.  During this Level 1 course I had information from two of the leading TPI Performance experts, Lance Gill (Fitness and Biomechanics) and Jon Tattersall (Golf Coach).  Having learnt about the physical screening process and body/swing connections, I completed the necessary exam which now enables me to knowledgeably identify players physical strengths and limitations within a golf session. Being TPI Certified, I can help convey why individuals may be struggling with certain movements within their golf swing.  If they wish to and it is necessary, I can also give them exercises to help certain movements. This is not to say I am now a fitness instructor or physio, and don’t pretend to be! So if you cannot do certain things, I will either help you get around these things within your golf swing, or recommend you to see an expert in the field required.

You may not know what TPI Certified means, or think fitness is not important in golf, but if you cannot physically carry out a movement, then do not get caught up like many people with trying to copy the ‘perfect golf swing’. There is no such thing. Everyone is different and you need to know what you can and cannot do and how this might affect your golf swing. After all, to play golf we need to be fit and free from injury, therefore it might be more important than you first thought. I am looking forward to helping more golfers achieve their goals going forward.

TPI focuses around golf specific health around the world. To find out more about what being TPI Certified means, click on the image below.

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