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Golf is a great passion of mine, and since starting the game at the age of 10 I have thrived on playing at all levels of the game.  Now, as a qualified PGA Professional, I have a great motivation to help others of all abilities develop and learn the game of golf in a friendly environment.  I hope you enjoy browsing my website.


My Aim

I endeavour to make golf enjoyable and accessible for all.  Using varied teaching techniques combined with video analysis, my main objective is to assist players to reach their golfing goals.


My Philosophy

To work with all players individually and look at multiple aspects of their game to enhance learning and development.  I understand individuals have different requirements, therefore lessons can cover technical, physical and psychological elements alongside working within possible constraints that may arise.  I work initially with the key fundamentals, but believe there is no set way to swing the golf club!

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Latest News

Masters Golf 2019; Augusta is around the corner

The Major at Augusta .... The Masters Golf 2019 .... golfing fans around the world look forward to this week and as we anticipate the par 3 contest ahead of the real thing starting tomorrow, who's your money on?  Could 2018 runner up go one step further and grab the...

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Ryder Cup, Hazeldine

Will there be heroics at Hazeltine..?! Let's hope so as spectators of the widely anticipated golfing event. Over the past few weeks and months, the hype around the Ryder Cup has been building up, but tomorrow the European Team will face the USA on their home turf. The...

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